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Full Version: Are you a computer addict?
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Are you addicted to your pc. I am sometimes when Im bored.
Nope, I'm only on the computer when I'm bored as well.
Yes and also to video games
welll....... ill like to say no but well duh!
I live on the computer. From the time I wake up, till the time my eyes are bugged out and can no longer take it. But, I also work on the computer and my living is made through computers, repairing and building, and web related services. So, I spend a good chunk of the day on a computer
Wow, you must be a computer wiz! Nice!
I do spend some of the day on the computer, the rest I spend getting an education and money [Image: 748157.png]
Course, only if Im bored.
I can be a computer addict it is just a lazy day when I am extremely bored, but usually I only get on the computer during the morning or afternoon for a couple hours at the most.
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